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JB McKee
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I entered the online world in the late 90's, first as a web content copywriter, then moved into web application development. One great example is http://FormatIt.com, which is the first application I created and it's still popular today.

I also created one of the most popular affiliate tracking systems on the Internet, http://FusionQuest.com. It served 600 merchants (including The Shane Company, Video Professor, Revenue Magazine) and 54,000 affiliates. I successfully operated it for nine years and it has now merged with http://ShareASale.com.

I'm known for my simple, clear and direct style of programming, along with effective innovation and robust dependability. My applications have processed and tracked millions of dollars in transactions. The ability to communicate effectively with my clients and understand exactly what they need have given them a real edge over the years.

Having extensive experience in online marketing has also been a great advantage, enabling me to recommend paths to clients that achieve their online marketing goals efficiently and effectively, and create web applications that fit snuggly into the online marketplace.

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